Avoid Fake

Types of fake (marriage) Frankenstein methods:


Insertion original hunter movement to new cheap Chinese steel wrist case.

Solve silver case dents with other new silver. At the result after oxygenating (patina) case became with spots of different colors.

Making central hole in front cover to transform case from hunter to half hunter, or making twelve holes to transform watch case  to trench with  cartouche cover. Check that from inside - some of hallmarks can be cut total or partly.

If inner cover (cuvette) have been lost, or marriage movement higher then new case, insertion glass on it's place. That is very dangerous for the movement - if glass will be broken, movement can be damaged totally.


Repainting original dial with it's turning or making new one. At the result seconds hand became at 9 o'clock.

Some times metal, with laser guilloche.

Non-original dial can be simply glued to movement, even with double-glued scotch tape. Mostly does not have pins for screw fixing to the movement. Check - on their places empty holes.

Some times print deal on paper and glued it to the dial.


In repairing process sometimes used new synthetic jewels, they are different color, not original natural.

Inserting original movement to other case manufacture, often using size adopting ring between case and movement.

Some chip movements looking very similar to top branding watch caliber's, and for non-professional view difficult to recognize the difference. For deception of buyers some times making hand engraving with brand names.